About Rural Move

What is Rural Move?

Rural Move is a platform to promote the repopulation of the rural world, which focuses on remote work to reconcile the well-being of workers, the competitiveness of companies and the economic dynamism of rural areas.

How to join Rural Move?

To join just fill out the form here. Then you will be contacted by someone from our team.

What is Rural invest?

Rural Invest is a community of change-makers that believes in second chances and, therefore, aims to redefine the human, economic and demographic landscape of the Interior of Portugal. We believe in the potential of a decentralized economy, in the democratization of opportunities, in remote work and in slow living, we want to be a reference partner for the revitalization and dynamization of rural and low density areas. At the end of the day, what makes us move is very simple: the conviction that we are better with vibrant communities and happy people.


Who can become a Rural Mover?

The requirements to apply are straightforward: more than 18 years old, eligibility to work in Portugal and ability to move to a Portuguese rural area within 6 months. Everyone is welcome to apply, regardless of current employment situation (remote work employment, self-employment, freelancing or business ownership), provided that that work or activity can be performed remotely.

What are the advantages of joining Rural Move?

You will have access to Remote Work Ready Towns and Accommodations that offer free coworking spaces and high-speed internet. In addition, Rural Move provides support in the process of moving to the countryside and in applying for public grants. And you will never be alone: ​​you will always have a community of amazing people to welcome you. You can also take advantage of perks and exclusive events.

What are the costs of joining Rural Move?

It may seem incredible, but it has no cost to you.

What if I don't have the requirements to become a Rural Mover?

Don’t worry if you don’t match all criteria yet. We will soon have news for you. Join our facebook group and be part of our #ruralmovers community.

Remote Work Ready Towns

How does Rural Move identify and select Remote Work Ready Towns?

The “Remote Work Ready Town” seal is attributed to the Municipalities identified as Low Density Territories. Municipalities must provide essential infrastructure and services for remote work in that territory, namely a coworking space or similar infrastructure, duly equipped with high-speed Internet.


What kind of stays are offered by Rural Move?

We offer two types of stays:

  • short stays, to enjoy with other remote workers in coliving spaces.
  • long-term stays, over 6 months, in cities distinguished with the “Remote Work Ready Town” seal.


Have any questions?

Send us an email to info@ruralmove.org.