Happy new year, future Rural Movers! Whether you are sure this is the right path for you or not, the fact of the matter remains that remote working opens a range of exciting opportunities for your life.

Which is fitting, since this is the time of the year people tend to think about their life – and specifically, how to improve it.

new year resolutions remote work


New year’s resolutions are a long standing tradition for those wishing to make progress in all walks of life. “New year, new me”, as they say.

But when around 80% of people fail at their resolutions, what can you do to make them stick? How can you put yourself in a position to maximise your chances of success?

Surprisingly enough, remote working can prove to be your secret weapon. 

As with everything, your resolutions may vary according to what is truly important to you. So we are keeping it simple at taking a look at 3 major areas that are often part of the personal goals to improve in the new year. Starting at:


Improving Your Finances

Maybe it’s that you want to make more money. Or spend less of it, reinforce your savings or finally start investing to make your wealth grow.

No matter what your ultimate goal is, chances are that getting a more comfortable financial  situation can help you get there.

So how can remote working help?

First of all, not being bound to a single location gives you possibility. For what, you ask? Why, lower prices, of course.

Having the flexibility to move around means that you can have your current income and drastically reduce your expenses.

Take real estate prices, for example. Looking at 2018 data, in Lisbon the average square meter was set at €2,123. How do our remote work ready towns compare? Just see for yourself:

  • São João da Pesqueira: €729
  • Penela: €827
  • Miranda do Douro: €702 (2009)

Talk about local competitive advantage.


Improving Your Health

You can have or achieve whatever you want – if your health is neglected, it’s hard to keep on going.

Cities and urban living have made a great deal of innovation possible, but not without cost.

More visibly, there’s the impact of air and noise pollution. Traffic can also have its added risks on one’s safety.

Less obvious is the impact on mental health. It can be surprising, but the “Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health estimates that city dwellers face a nearly 40 percent higher risk of depression, 20 percent higher chance of anxiety, and double the risk of schizophrenia than people living in rural areas.” See the full piece here.

No wonder that contact with nature has been shown to do wonders for your mental well-being


Improving Your Relationships

There are several ways working remotely can help you boost your connections with people.

For one, you’ll have more time for it. You do remember commuters waste about 54 hours per year, right?

Second of all, having the ability to work anywhere gives you the flexibility to actually go and visit with people you’ve been dying to be with. All you have to do is relocate for a bit. Business goes as usual, and you get to share meals, drinks and laughs.

And circling back to the point above, improving your well-being can spare the mental bandwidth to dedicate to those closest to you.


Have you decided yet?

Luckily, you don’t have to! Remote working can be a fantastic leap forward; the beauty of it also lies in the fact that there is no limited seating. 

So take your time and figure out the best way to transition to life in a rural area. We can help with the next steps.