We are growing – and so are your opportunities!

Having a new Remote Work Ready Town is always exciting, as this means more wonderful areas of this beautiful country of ours are opening their arms to welcome remote workers looking for conditions to take their lives and professional path to the next level.

After all, having the conditions to do your work while improving your day-to-day wellbeing can only have a positive all-around impact.

If you are already sold on the idea of packing up and enjoying all that rural Portugal has to offer, you may be thinking: why Melgaço?

There are more reasons and details then we (and you, probably) have time for, so we’ll stick with the short version:


Inspiration At Every Corner

Being the northernmost town in Portugal, it is also one of the oldest. In fact, its people took the side of the first Portuguese king D. Afonso Henriques in his war for independence from the Kingdom of Léon. It was by his hand that the construction of Melgaço’s Castle began in 1170. And did we mention monuments from Roman times?

Safe to say that you don’t get to be around for so long without getting some stories under your belt.

So be it from the architecture to its great link to the founding of our country, every corner of Melgaço seems to be infused with historical and cultural richness.

And if pure history is not your cup of tea, know that there is also a vast tradition on legends, fables and fantastical tales. Witches, princesses, creatures of wonder – there is no shortage of excitement near the border.

Just going on with your daily life can put you in the way of the next element that inspires you in whatever it is that you do. After all, creativity is growing in importance in all sectors, and it’s nothing more than connecting ideas. Here there is plenty for the taking.


Come For The History, Stay For The Food (And Wine!)

Feeding the mind is all well and good, but when it comes to the actual food, you may actually fall in love with the place.

Portugal has a country-wide culture of great gastronomy, no questions there. The North, however, just takes everything to a different level. And Melgaço is not one to stay behind. Make no mistake, they mean business.

Oh, and there’s wine too, as if the food wasn’t enough. White and sparkling wine production has been a staple of the region for many years, so you know there will always be something great with which you can toast to your work achievements or the great community of people surrounding you.


Get Your Adventure Mode On

What’s left to do after a great meal followed closely by great drinks? Getting moving, of course!

If you thought this was all about lounging around and taking it all in, know that there are amazing opportunities to stay active and get that heart pumping.

Fans of radical activities will be thrilled to explore both rivers Minho and Mouro in amazing rafting programs. Plus, you can also choose from many other adventure activities, such as paintball, canyoning or hydrospeed.

Not a thrill junkie? Not a problem! The breathtaking landscape is also friendly to other more moderate activities. Hiking, archery, summer camps – there’s something for virtually anyone.

Did this spark your curiosity? Well, follow through! Talk with us to know more about Melgaço and how very soon you can call it your next home.