Miranda do Douro

Miranda do Douro is a city located in the Northeast of Portugal, in the borderline with Spain. In the streets of Miranda, you will not only hear Portuguese, but also Mirandese, the second official language in Portugal, spoken by some 15,000 people. With a vast, diversified and valuable cultural and architectural heritage, Miranda do Douro’s main economic activities are agriculture, commerce and tourism.

Quick facts

  • Population: 6,903
  • Nearest Airport: 171km
  • Nearest Hospital: less than 1 hour drive
  • Kindergarten and Elementary Schools: yes
  • Traditional local markets
  • Amazing walking and cycling paths
  • Affordable Housing
  • Great history and culture

What you get when you move to Miranda do Douro with us

  • Free coworking space and internet connection (for 12 months)
  • Support in finding long- or short-term housing
  • A welcoming community of like-minded Rural Movers
  • Exclusive perks and events
  • A new lifestyle in close contact with nature and tradition

Photo courtesy of Câmara Municipal de Miranda do Douro

What those who live in Miranda do Douro say…

“To live in Miranda is to combine the best of two worlds: nature, right in the Douro International Natural Park, and urbanism, just one step away from Europe.”

Andréa BarbosaMaster Student and Researcher

Can’t wait to move to
Miranda do Douro?